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The Chickasaw County Genealogical Society (CCGS) has three major goals: Collection, Preservation and Education in the pursuit of family history research. Today, more than ever, we continue to emphasize the long standing principals of sound genealogical research, the rules of evidence and the criticality of thoroughly sourcing and documenting ones work.

The major purpose of our website supports our society's Education goal.  In addition, it is a means of promoting communication on several levels.  We hope that our website will provide insight on pursuing your research in Chickasaw County.

Our genealogical society is comprised of a core group of local residents, as well as many "long distance" members.  Our local members have many years of experience and most have lived in this county all their lives.  They are willing to assist and/or advise you in furthering your genealogical research in our geographical area.  If you would like to contact our society, please click on the CCGS Button (above) for more information.

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